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For over 20 years, Runestone Eye Care has been providing you with vision and eye care excellence. Our friendly staff is highly trained, certified, and ready to help you achieve 20/20 vision. Know that we always have a licensed optician on staff for your peace of mind. Make an appointment now!

We accept most vision and medical insurance plans for your convenience.

• Eye examination - vision and health problems

• Eye problem / disease diagnosis and treatment

• Refractive error correction

• Eyeglasses and contact lens prescription

• Ophthalmic medication prescription

• Varilux Revolutionary Lenses

• Eyeglasses, sunglasses, and specialty eyewear selection and fitting assistance

What we can offer you:

We are a full-service eye care clinic with both skilled and professional optometrists and opticians on staff. You’ll be more than pleased with our fast, reliable, and friendly service. Always receive personalized attention when you visit us.


Stop by today and check out our enormous inventory of fashionable frames!

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At Runestone Eye Care, you'll find that we offer both vision and medical screening. Vision care is determining your eyeglass prescription while medical care is diagnosing or treating ailments of the eyes.

What is the difference between vision and medical screening?

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